The Sun Kings|Capitola Art Festival

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were at a live Beatles Concert, show up at a concert of The Sun Kings and just close your eyes.  Many people did just that at this year’s  Capitola Art and Wine Festival Saturday night.

Monterey Talent Magazine

We just learned that Monterey Talent Magazine chose to feature Tony Fitzgerald Photography in the August issue.  We are extremely pleased and honored to be included in “Monterey’s brightest talent”!

Cupcakes at Buttercup cakes in Santa Cruz

Tony and I had the pleasure of photographing at Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting yesterday.  Easily the cutest cupcake shop I’ve  ever been in,  and the cupcakes taste like my grandmother used to make – homemade, buttery – but so much prettier!  Carren, one of the owners told us how they make the buttery frosting…

Published in The Well Groomed Groom

The wedding we photographed at the beautiful wedding venue Creekside of Los Gatos was just published in the online wedding magazine “The Well Groomed Groom“.  It’s pretty obvious from this picture of the groom why they chose to feature the wedding.