The chocolates of Bruges

Bruges is famous for it’s medieval buildings and it’s chocolates.  We made it our mission to sample as many as possible.  In case you are wondering, Mary’s chocolates won the contest – they are the Chocolatier to the royal family – we can see why! Bruges is now my favorite place to travel.

Patisseries and Chocolatiers of Amsterdam

I was holding out for the best pastries, and when I got to Holtkamp I stopped looking.  I got sucked in the door by the meringues in the window, but it was the cakes that were really incredible.

Mermaid jewelry

We discovered an incredible artist – Faktor Inc.- in the art market of Amsterdam who was making jewelry that she called “mermaid jewelry”, and I can certainly imagine a mermaid wearing it.

Touring the Markets and Canals of Amsterdam

Traveling by boat was the perfect way to get see Amsterdam, since there are so many canals.  Later, we discovered new things in the market, like stroopwafel and halva, and lots and lots of cheese.

Amsterdam wedding

With so many canals in Amsterdam, some couples arrive by boat to their wedding.  There may be a party on the boat before the reception.  Dutch law only acknowledges civil marriages, which are performed by a registrar of marriages, so the civil ceremony takes place before the religious ceremony, sometimes at the same location.