Wedding Cake Toppers in Amsterdam

These wedding cake toppers are so unique.  They are made by hand by Peter en Jeannette in Amsterdam.  Some are for gay couples, some for a reluctant groom, and there is one of a pregnant bride that Jeannette had just finished that morning. (


It was a little tricky traveling after the Viking boat crashed and we were left in Strasbourg, but we finally arrived in Amsterdam (a couple of days early).

Strasbourg France

Really nice having some down time while traveling.  Just leisurely wandering instead of rushing to the next planned activity.

Basel Switzerland, Setting off on a Viking Cruise

We spent the night in a hotel in a building that was several hundred years old, next to a cathedral.  In the morning the towns people were gathering for Sunday services.  We wandered the empty streets in the early morning, exploring the town and taking pictures. [September 29, 2013]  

French haute Couture designer Cleone

While in Strasbourg, Tony and I stopped to admire the exquisite wedding dresses at the boutique shop of haute couture designer Cleone, and actually met the designer herself. The dresses are incredibly imaginative.  I would love to be invited to a runway show for the next collection – I can’t wait to see what she will…

Strasbourg France

Our romantic cruise down the Rhine was now abruptly over due to the crash.  There was a gash in the side of the Viking River Cruise boat, and it could not continue.  We were now in Strasbourg and were about to spend a few days there.  But, if you are going to be stuck someplace…

Viking Cruise crashes

Our relaxing river cruise has ended before it hardly got started!  The Viking Sun, part of the Viking River Cruise line crashed into a structure on the side of the canal at 2:30 in the morning (news article).  Our cabin was below the water level, so we went topside where we took these pictures of…