Mika’s cupcakes for shelter

I recently discovered Mika’s Cupcakes for Shelter, located in Hayward www.mikascupcakes.com. The cupcakes are so cute, and incredible delicious! – not that I am a cupcake connoisseur or anything (oh wait, yes I am!) But they also have such a nice story behind the company – the owners created it to help the homeless families they…

Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes

I was so thrilled recently to find that Edith Meyer, of Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes, had designed the cake at the wedding where we were photographing.  Her designs are so elegant and just so gorgeous.  It is always a privileged to be photographing them.

Amphitheatre of the Redwoods | Santa Cruz wedding venue

The Amphitheatre of the Redwoods is an exceptional site for a wedding.  The trees provide a sort of natural cathedral for the event, and the location allows for all kinds of unique decorations.  But the best part is that the site is completely yours for two days, so there is no rush to put up…

Updated carrot salad

After a trip to the farmer’s market, we made old fashioned carrot salad, but gave it an update.  The homemade mayonnaise with lime and ginger gave it an asian flair, so instead of raisins we topped it with poppy seeds, which looked perfect with the spaghetti cut on the carrots. Photos by Tony Fitzgerald Photography PHOTOS ARE…

The Buttery Bakery

The weddings have the Chaminade have featured cakes from The Buttery Bakery, one of the exceptional bakeries in Santa Cruz — Simple, elegant, and perfectly matched to the decor.  

Cristina and Wayne’s wedding slideshow video

Cristina Tringali and Wayne Bellville were married in Santa Cruz at the Chaminade in May, 2013.  Photography: Scott Johnson, Tony Fitzgerald Photography | DJ: Jack Crawford | Florist:  Eventscapes, Inc. | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Chaminade | Cake: The Buttery

Roses of Yesterday and Today | Santa Cruz wedding venue

We photographed some of the unusual roses at Roses of Yesterday & Today.  These are the roses your grandmother would recognize, but are not as common today.  We are fortunate to have this local grower who is preserving the heritage.  It is a really lovely location and does allow an occasional wedding to take place…